Instagram Flicks: Sip & Sale - 5/12

We had our first Sip & Sale in FIVE months this past Saturday!

1 word to sum it up = AMAZING!

A few more words to sum it up = A TOTAL SUCCESS!

The Sip & Sale was full of
- racks on racks....well hangers on hangers lol of our threads
- in-person shopping
- STYLISH ladies
- wine & champagne
- giggles and storytelling
- networking opportunities
- photo ops

These Instagram pics will do the rest of the talking...& if you are local to the DC area, we hope to see you at the next June 24th, 2012.

@PlanetSeason celebrated her birthday with us...& got some goodies too!

Sale'n & Sip'n

Group shot!

Barbie rockin her M&F shades :)

@marrona surprised us, and walked away with an adorbs sheer vintage blouse

#shoutout to these stylistas!

Love love our accessories

Our model Erica & a friend checking out @BryonSummers mixbook on us!

US! Short shorts and springtime platforms kinda day :)


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  1. Soo cute. Makes me wish I were local. I love the concept of your brand. Sewing skills are so clutch for any vintage hunter. Sadly, I'm without. :(

    PS: Im not a creep. Found you guys through the Create&Brand vid.

    1. Awww thank you love! Where are you located?

      Yea sewing has realign become such an asset to us. And we don't think you are a creep. loll