Mila and Fire LOVE: Vintage

If we had to write an ode to vintage...well let's just say we'd run out of space on this post. Mila and Fire (formerly known as Mila & Fire Vintage) started off with selling solely vintage, but even before our business, we were both TRUE LOVERS OF VINTAGE. From our vintage designer finds, to our favorite eclectic pieces in our closets, to being able to say (in our heads of course!) "no one else will have this", we cannot get enough of vintage clothing! Although we now started selling reconstructed and contemporary clothing, our first love will always be (you guessed it) VINTAGE!

So here's a gallery of pictures featuring vintage, vintage-inspired (in our heads, at least) clothing, just to remind you how awesome it is to have one-of-a-kind, make-you-stand-out, feels-too-damn-good-to-be-outfitted-in-exclusive-ish, vintage clothing. 

Enjoy & have a grand ol' weekend!
...and while you're at it, don't forget to check out the vintage section of (pics of some of our garments below!)

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