M&F Playing Dress-Up with our Contemporary Pieces

We're always brainstorming ways we can make our garments more appealing to a wide range of customers, since our customers, like us, have forever-evolving styles.  Often times planning, and organizing our inventory usually leads to us playing dress-up. This time, we decided to document it! We usually never keep any of our contemporary pieces to ourselves, so at least for a few hours, we got all dolled up and styled ourselves in some of our current favorite pieces. Hopefully the pics below will give some of you stylish gals some outfit inspiration when wearing Mila & Fire!

Fire: vintage cropped top, vintage gold belt, nude & pink pointy toe pumps
Mila: gold choker, pink sheer American Apparel dress (worn as blouse), nude strappy stiletto sandals

Mila: vintage red necktie blouse, nude pumps
Fire: vintage silver starburst necklace, black pumps

Mila: H&M beanie, Men's reconstructed Stussy tee, white Converse Chuck Taylors,  
Fire: Vintage black sheer blouse, nude & pink pointy toe pumps

Fire: Reconstructed cropped long-sleeve top, black & silver pointy toe pumps
Mila: vintage black lace bodysuit, nude strappy stiletto sandals

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